Things You Must Know About Episode Choose Your Story

Things You Must Know About Episode Choose Your Story

The fame of the Episode Choose Your Story is increasing dramatically and hundreds of thousands of the users are attracting towards the game in order to read the various stories available in the game.  Episode Choose Your Story game is not only about reading the stories.  It also allows the gamers to make the decision on behalf of the character and guide them to walk on the uncharted path with ease.  This is the awesome game, which offers the gamers to experience something exciting and different.  There are tons of innovative and magnificent features available in the form of the gems, passes, rewards and most importantly, users are allowed to fabricate their own story in the Episode Choose Your Story game along with reading.

Additionally, in order to survive in the game, you need to earn the gems and passes by using Episode Choose Your Story Cheats. To obtain these resources, users need to accomplish the stories as well as create one.  Also, if you log in to the game app daily, you will attain some amount of in-game resources with ease in the form of the rewards.  However, few player is still facing obstacles and unable to overcome them easily. So, check out the listed below relevant information to reach the zenith point of the Episode Choose Your Story game.

·        Gems are the premium currency of the game.  Utilize it in the perfect manner; otherwise, users will find it hard to move forward in the game.

·        Unwind the mysteries of the Episode Choose Your Story game with the support of the in-game resources.  Don’t spend the currencies recklessly; it is necessary to save some amount of gems to use in the critical time.

·        The primary currency of the game is the passes, which helps the gamers to skip the time and leads to reading the episodes of the game.

·        If you are planning to fabricate a story, then try to mash-up more than two genres.  For instance, love with a thriller as well as mystery genre or mystery murder genre and other sorts of the innovative theme you can select according to your taste and preferences.

·        Check out the top trending stories and gain the celebrity status by making one.  Note, don’t try to copy the theme or storyline. If even spin something in the story and publish it.  The game system will know about it and block the gamers instantly.

·        Allocate the generator tools and attain victory by earning an enormous amount of in-game resources without facing too many complications.


On the whole, the craze of the Episode Choose Your Story is growing enormously and tons of facebook users are having the deep desire to make their own story. If you are one of them, then download the Episode Choose Your Story game app from on-device app store i.e. iOS as well as Android.  Don’t miss the awesome opportunity to gain the celebrity status in the virtual world.  Try it now and dominate the game with ease.

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Check Out Basic Information About Gangstar Vegas

Check Out Basic Information About Gangstar Vegas

When it comes to Gangstar Vegas then this is one of the most popular game creations of Gameloft. You may all know about the Gangstar series so this game is also one of its latest installments. The game is free to download for the Android and iOS users. The game is a mixture of adventures, action, and role-playing elements which will surely grab your attention. You play a character to rule the Vegas by defeating enemies and opponents. You should make some strategies before going to get started with this game. This can help you to face the difficulties without doing efforts or spending much time. You can also find a variety of weapons and vehicles that you can buy according to your play style.

Essential tips for beginners

You may all know about the main concept of the game that is completing plenty of missions and even using Gangstar Vegas hack to attain many game resources. Players can complete missions as many as they can and it will load their game account with the satisfactory amount of currencies. For every mission, they have to visit a specific location which is time-consuming. If we talk about the beneficial features of the game then it will allow you to easily access the missions from the map screen. This will save lots of efforts and time. Well, you also have an option to access the shop while completing missions and this can help you to purchase weapons, ammo and much more. Players can complete different missions with ease and this can help them to earn currencies and important resources of the game. Players just need to go to the map screen and tap any mission to get started.

Buy weapons

Playing this game is easy but there are some essential things which you should always keep in your mind. If you are playing this game then there are plenty of weapons that you can use to fight against your enemies to perform well in the battles. With the help of a strong weapon, players can easily defeat their opponents. The most important thing is to buy the strong weapons which are not easy and for this, you have to spend more currency. An assault rifle is also one of the best weapons that you can buy to make it your main weapon in the game. Well, there are many more weapons present but you can buy it as according to balance in your account. If you have lots of diamonds in your account then you can easily buy the best weapons as according to your desire. With the help of these weapons, you can play against your opponents and win the battles with ease.

Furthermore, there are many players who are wasting their time on vehicle skills which are not worthy. With the help of this, they can’t get benefits while playing the game so they should focus on upgrading other skills. Players should upgrade the health skills and it will surely enhance your game experience.


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