Sweatcoin being fit you may earn money as cryptocurrency


Sweatcoin app is created for the purpose of keeping people fit and motivating and earning money through. As this era is of digitalization so people also want to earn digital money without doing hard work. They also want to earn money quickly. So, keeping all these things in mind developer has created Sweatcoin app which gives rewards for their walking and stepping or jogging.

Sweatcoin installer can earn rewards and points for each and every 1000 steps. After having points and rewards user of it can use them for doing shopping. Sometimes, these rewards can be given in the form of running shoes, magazines, health drinks and sometimes digital watches and electronic items. For more money user also uses Sweatcoin Hack.

Free Level – Free Level of the app rewards the user with 5 Sweatcoins initially and after that it gives points and rewards every day.

Shaker level Membership – this level of Sweatcoin is little bit hard to earn money. For this level user needs to spend free and fresh coins.

What needs to be done to earn money?

  • Sweatcoin digital money can be earned in many other ways such as:
    • Creating Youtube channel and engaging people in liking and comment about it can be fruitful as well as by Sweatcoin Hack.
    • Sharing and providing knowledge people about Sweatcoin app also gets lot of points in this app and later can be turned into digital money.
    • User of this app is able to have handsome amount of money by sharing and creating pages’ of social networking sites such as Facebook.

Use of money and battery

Sweatcoin can be used for various things and items to buy as well as user may donate it to the needy organizations and as charity. Moreover, user need not to be worry about battery of mobile because it has battery saving function and it runs smoothly when the battery is about 5 %.