Things we should know about the guns in PUBG Mobile


Today most of the youths are engaging in PUBG Mobile and it the most thrilling game in the world. The game is open for the entire world, and millions of active users are spending lots of time. The game is based on the survival shooter and in which you have to survive for 30 minutes with 99 unknown players.  The game provides the facility of playing in the squad team, and for that, you can join with your friends. High-quality sound and graphics are enough for grabbing the attention of anyone.

The people can easily download the game by the android store. PUBG Mobile Hack is beneficial for leveling up in the game. Weapons are playing a significant role for every player, and we should get some useful information about guns.

Various guns are used in the game:


AKM is the most usable gun, and it is an assault rifle. In it, you will see two fire modes namely semi-auto and full auto. It is perfect for some close range target and in which you can also target for long-range.  The gun is ready for scope attachment. Scopes are helpful for the magazine. The players can get such gun on the battleground and by many dead enemies.

AWM sniper

AWM is a sniper gun, and it is best for long-raged headshots. Anyone can smash the enemy just only one shot of sniper. It is slightly different from the assault rifle. You will get a perfect shot by it and quickly moving forward in next levels. Such a gun only gets by airdrop and not available on the ground.


It is the combination of sniper and assault rifle. The gun is available in the ground level, and you can open many other guns by PUBG Mobile Hack.