ZombsRoyale – 3 Types of In-game Currency!

ZombsRoyale – 3 Types of In-game Currency!

Talking about the best action game, then only the first game that comes to the mind is ZombsRoyale. It is the top-class production from End Game and also the size of the game is almost 97 MB. In the game, there are three playing modes present and also some time-limited modes also present. The main three types of modes are as follows –

  • Solo playing mode
  • Duo playing mode
  • Squad playing mode

So, these are the three main types of modes present in the game and all are very interesting. Players are free to play anyone among these three modes. Also, as mentioned above that there are various time-limited modes present, so players can enjoy the gaming by playing these modes also.

3 types of currency in the game

One of the major things which people need to know is that ZombsRoyale contains mainly 3 types of currency in it. All the three types of currency are very essential for the players to earn in good amount as to make good progress in it. Now, it’s time to go through the main 3 types of currency in ZombsRoyale which are as follows –

  • Coins – It is the main currency in it which players simply earn by performing all essential tasks and activities.
  • Gems – These are also very necessary to earn in ZombsRoyale. Players earn gems by completing more events, objectives and challenges in it.
  • Gold – It is the third and the major type of currency in ZombsRoyale. Players have to know that they simply earn gold by completing more levels in ZombsRoyale.

So, these are the 3 main types of currency that is present in ZombsRoyale and about them every single person should know.


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